Our Readers

Our readers live, work, shop, eat, play and pray in each of the communities we serve.

The types of readers attracted to our publications have certain similar traits and demographics. The majority of our readers are parents with school-aged children, who attend local public or private K-12 schools, use local doctors, dentists, pharmacies, grocery stores and attend local churches. They prefer to dine in local restaurants and support small businesses rather than big box ones.

Some readers own their own local businesses. Most attend city festivals and events on a regular basis. They vote. They care about their communities and are hungry for information about things within a five or ten mile radius of their homes.  

•Household Income: 75,000+          
•Own a Dog or a Cat: 69%
•Family Size: 4+                                
•Have Children in School: 71%
•Attend Church Regularly: 74%%        
•Own Their Own Homes: 63%
•Participate in Recreation: 68%           
•Prefers to Shop Locally: 87%
•Own a local business: 32%               
•Prefers to Dine Out Locally: 84%